Polish Circular Hotspot

To boldly and more widely promote circular concepts, we combine the potential and resources of various stakeholder groups - state administration, local governments, businesses, science - under one name. Together, we work to support innovative, comprehensive, practical and scalable solutions in all sectors of the economy. We focus on various industries, including construction, food, packaging, electronics, plastics, transport, energy and textiles; we undertake activities dedicated to cities and regions. We care for cross-sectoral and supra-regional cooperation, as well as for cooperation in administration and business, thus ensuring greater efficiency of undertaken activities.


Circular Economy Hotspot Belgium

After the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Scotland, Belgium will be hosting the 2019 Hotspot (18-20 November).


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Brokerage meeting "Horizon 2020 for the Circular Economy and Transforming Industry"

On October 9, 2019, National Contact Point for Research Programmes of the European Union invites you to the international brokerage meeting “Horizon 2020 for the Circular Economy and Transforming Industry”. The meeting will be held at the Management Center for Innovation and Technology Transfer at the Warsaw University of Technology.

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Circularity Gap Report 2019

January 22, Davos – The world can maximise chances of avoiding dangerous climate change by moving to a circular economy, reveals a report from impact organisation Circle Economy launched today at Davos during the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum.

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Polish Circular Hotspot joined leading European Circular Economy organizations

On December 7, during the COP24 Climate Summit in Katowice, a cooperation agreement was signed between Polish Circular Hotspot and Holland Circular Hotspot, Circular Change (Slovenia), Zero Waste Scotland, Circular Norway and Luxembourg Circular Hotspot. Thus, the Polish hotspot joined the leading European Circular Economy organizations

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COP24 Innovation Day

"Circular Economy will not take place without cooperation between administrations, local governments, scientists, and we as the third sector have to put all them together. NGO's have the advantage of looking from a different perspective on what direction society and the economy should aim for. Among other things, we created Circular Hotspot - a public-private partnership between different groups of stakeholders in the implementation of GOZ, for a wide range of communication and promotion of circular ideas.We do not have to reinvent the open door, we can use the experience of other countries because such initiatives exist, among others, in the Netherlands, Scotland, Slovenia." - said Agnieszka Sznyk, INNOWO's president.

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First Polish Circular Week

In October (22nd-28th) for the very first time in Poland, the Circular Week was organized. Over 40 events in 11 Polish cities with over 700 participants took place. The attendees were representatives of businesses, state administration, local governments, academics, and above all, consumers. The goal of Circular Week was to show what the notion stands for and how it translates into everyday life of each of us.

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