Systemic approach to circular construction - technologies and regulations


The main topic of the meeting will be to discuss the dissonance between innovative technologies in the construction sector and applicable regulations, as well as the debate on the possibilities of improving the current state. We hope that the discussion between representatives of the industry and a wide range of representatives of public authorities (representatives of ministries, institutes and local governments) will result in specific solutions improving the quality and validity of regulations regarding circular construction in Poland.
The main issues that will be raised during the debate are:
- Building awareness and knowledge of public administration on circular construction and current technological solutions.
- Modification of the process of implementing regulatory changes to support circular technologies, while limiting violent or hasty legislative changes.
- Regulations - a barrier or incentive to implement circular building in Poland?
- Scalability of technological solutions in construction and the possibility of their support through legislative measures.
- Possibilities of cooperation of enterprises, organizations and public authorities in terms of closing the circulation of particular types of building materials.
- Certificates, approvals, analyzes - application benefits and implementation barriers for sustainable construction.
- The prospect of standardization of certificates and approvals and upgrades of some of them, so that they correspond to current technological solutions.


The meeting will tae place on December 10th 2018,10:00–13:00,at Pracodawcy RP, ul. BerneĊ„ska 8, Warszawa. Please contact us in this matter at