dr hab. Joanna Kulczycka

Joanna Kulczycka is a Professor at AGH University of Mining and Metallurgy, Faculty of Management and also Head of Department of Strategic Research at Mineral and Energy Economy Research Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences MEERI. She has authored of over 100 publications including 1st book about LCA in Polish, 1st Polish Minerals Yearbook, and more than 40 scientific research articles on possibilities and effectiveness of material recovery, economic evaluation of minerals and waste management, and pre-feasibility and feasibility studies.

Main publications:

•    Smol M., Avdiushchenko A., Kulczycka J., Nowaczek A.,  Public awareness of circular economy in southern Poland: Case of the Malopolska region Journal of Cleaner Production, 197(1), 2018 
•    Gorazda K., Tarko B., Wzorek Z., Kominko H., Nowak A. K., Kulczycka J., Henclik A., Smol M. Fertilisers production from ashes after sewage sludge combustion–A strategy towards sustainable development, Environmental Research 154, 2017  
•    Kulczycka, J., Smol, M. Environmentally friendly pathways for the evaluation of investment projects using life cycle assessment (LCA) and life cycle cost analysis (LCCA), Clean Technologies and Environmental Policy, 18(3),  2016
•    Smol, M. Kulczycka J. Avdiushchenko A. Circular economy indicators in relation to eco-innovation in European regions, Clean Technologies and Environmental Policy 2017, 19(3). 
•    Wirth H.,  Kulczycka J., Hausner J.,  Koński M., Corporate Social Responsibility: Communication about social and environmental disclosure by large and small copper mining companies, Resources Policy 49, 2016 
•    Makara, A., Smol, M., Kulczycka, J., Kowalski, Z. Technological, environmental and economic assessment of sodium tripolyphosphate production–a case study, Journal of Cleaner Production 133, 2016 
•    J. Kulczycka, Ł. Lelek, A. Lewandowska, J. Zarębska  Life cycle assessment of municipal solid waste management – comparison of results using different LCA models,   Polish Journal of Environmental Studies, 24(1) 2015 
•    M. Smol, J. Kulczycka, A. Henclik, K. Gorazda, Z. Wzorek  The possible use of sewage sludge ash (SSA) in the construction industry as a way towards a circular economy  Journal of Cleaner Production, 95, 2015 
•    J. Selech, K. Joachimiak-Lechman, Z. Klos, J. Kulczycka, P. Kurczewski  Life cycle thinking in small and medium enterprises : the results of research on the implementation of life cycle tools in Polish SMEs. Pt. 3, LCC-related aspects,  International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment, 19, 2014 
•    A. Generowicz, J. Kulczycka, Z. Kowalski, M. Banach, Assessment of waste management technology using BATNEEC options, technology quality method and multi-criteria analysis, Journal of Environmental Management 92, 2011.
•    E. den Boer, A. Jędrczak, Z. Kowalski, J. Kulczycka, R. Szpadt, A review of municipal solid waste composition and quantities in Poland, Waste Management, 30, 2010