dr hab. Małgorzata Koszewska

Dr hab. Małgorzata Koszewska currently works at the Faculty of Management and Production Engineering, Technical University of Lodz, although for years she was associated with the Faculty of Textile Technology and Design of Textiles. Currently, her research interests concern issues related to consumer behavior in the face of challenges related to sustainable development, circular economy, eco-innovation, and eco-labeling. She also deals with consumer and instrumental quality assessment methods. Specializes in textile and clothing market analysis. As an economist among engineers, she is constantly striving to find a golden conection between the subjective, often emotional look of the consumer, and the hard, objective look of engineers and technologists. She strongly believes that these two worlds should cooperate with each other if the created technological solutions are to be successful in the market and be "sustainable".

She was the manager and executor of many projects in the field of sustainable production and consumption, among others: the manager of the research and education project "Textile ecology - Sustainable Development at IKEA" and the scientific project "Corporate social responsibility and consumer purchasing behavior"; expert and member of the key project commercialization team: "Biodegradable fiber products"; expert in the thematic area "Foster eco-innovation and social responsibility in the T & C industry" in the European project PLUSTEX and coordinator of the international project "Visegrad Strategic Grant - is currently the manager of the Faculty of Management and Production Engineering, Lodz University of Technology research team "Sustainability & Circularity Research Team"

She is the author of numerous articles on consumer behavior in the context of a circular economy that can be found on the following pages: