Giovanni Tumminello

Giovanni Tumminello is currently a researcher at the Gdansk University of Technology (Poland) after having specialized in the management of complex private and public organisations at the University of Palermo (Italy). Gdansk is the city where he lives and where he also works as Corporate Trainer in one of the FT500. He is an expert in Circular Economy with experience in both private and public sector mainly deploying system thinking methodology and tools such as System Dynamics. In particular, as part of his research project, he is currently developing a new model of governance for the implementation of Circular Economy strategies at business level, leveraging on collaboration among public and private entities with a special focus on Special Economic Zones seen as tool for pursuing green economic development. In the last four years, he has provided numerous consulting activities for public companies in Italy mainly operating in the maritime and urban sanitation industry.  He is daily committed in helping individuals and organisations to adopt and create synergistic strategies for the establishment of circular and sustainable developing models.