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About Polish Circular HotSpot

Polish Circular Hotspot is a public cooperation platform. Together with our partners, we work on introducing innovative, comprehensive, practical and scalable solutions in all sectors of the economy.

We work with business big and small, local and nationwide governments, universities and scientists with a wide range of disciplines. We cooperate with various industries, including construction, food, packaging, electronics, plastics, logistics, transport, energy and textiles.

Achieving far-reaching circular goals through the implementation of complex projects is made possible through cooperation and the exchange of resources, knowledge and experience. Below, we present our activities aimed at stimulating peace and seeking innovative solutions.

Strategies and roadmaps

Through research and planning, a comprehensive strategy is created in close cooperation with our partners. Further including specific legislative issues, we develop a road map.

Business networking

Support Polish entrepreneurs to create a network with partners inside and outside of Poland. To create these networks, among other activities, we organize study visits and B2B matchmaking sessions with the support of the Dutch, Swedish, German, French and Danish embassies.

Database of innovations and programms

We give (local) authorities and businesses access to circular innovations, databases and circular programs used in Poland and abroad. Our solutions and databases regarding the circular economy are presented continuously to stakeholders across the country and promoted in nationwide high profile conferences

Public Institutions

We provide workshops about circular economy and circular procurement for public institutions.

New Business Models

We help entrepreneurs in creating innovative circular business models.

Circular Cities

We support cities to become circular by identifying problems and help to create solutions/projects for circular changes in their city.

Polish Circular Week

The aim of the nationwide social campaign is to create awareness and encourage the Polish people to change consumption habits and make them conscious of the use of resources.


We create workshops and trainings for anyone interested in the circular economy concept

Polish Circular Hotspot is not the only Circular platform in Europe. Similar initiatives in the Netherlands, Slovenia, Scotland and Norway have been already successful for years. Together with our national and international partners, we have created a European community that shares the same goals. We are convinced that through effective actions we can stop climate change. With the help of our innovations, the global economy can catch up with the ever-increasing demands of the people living on our planet.