Re-use of the "peel waste"


In the Netherlands, 250 million kilos of citrus peels (mainly from oranges) are thrown away every year as a result of the production of fresh juices. More than half of the “peel waste” is produced by supermarkets, restaurants and food producers. PeelPioneers developed a method to recover and re-use the “peel waste” for other purposes.

In the first phase, from the citrus pulp created two applications are found:
1) Animal food
2) Oil is extracted which is used for multiple purposes:
a) Food: As a natural aroma and flavor (drinks, chocolates, cakes). 
b) Cosmetics: Bath oils and parfums
c) Cleaning products : Detergents and washing liquids (PeelPioneers together with TriStar created a circular O-Range detergent for floor cleaning).

In the second phase, planned for 2019, PeelPioneers will expand its operations and start the recovery of cellulose (for the production of paper and paint), pectin (jam thickener) and flavonoid (antioxidant for beverages and dietary supplements).

The PeelPioneers company processes 40,000 kilos of orange peelings at the Brabant factory every day. It acquires them primarily from the Dutch supermarket chain Jumbo, with which it has signed a contract. The “peel waste” is collected by waste management company Renewi from the Jumbo supermarkets and delivered to the factory of PeelPioneers.

In 2022, the company intends to expand its recovery and production of “peel waste” in north-western Europe.