Mitsubish Elevator Europe: leasing of elevators


Elevators in most storey buildings are currently a standard and at the same time an expensive one-time investment. Mitsubishi Electric Europe has proposed a solution that eliminates the problem of high initial costs and fits in with the principles of a circular economy.

The M-Use® program offers a lift as a service. The customer signs a leasing contract with the company, which means that it is not the owner of the elevator, but only the user. The customer can determine the initial capital itself, so the assembly costs of the lift can also be spread over the next years and for future users.

The contract is signed for 20 years, however, after this time the customer can extend it by another 20 years. Mitsubishi provides an annual professional service, thanks to which the lifts remain in perfect condition for a long time, which reduces their costs of use. And most importantly, the customer pays only for the amount of travel of the elevator. The frequency of use of this device is monitored thanks to the sensors and special software installed in it. If it turns out that the elevator traveled between the floors less than anticipated, the customer receives the return of overpaid funds.

One of the first such elevators Mitsubishi installed in the CIRCL Pavilion belonging to ABN AMRO in Amsterdam.

Due to the changed ownership structure and long-term commitment, Mitsubishi was able to develop a lift recycling system to re-use different components in other locations or recycle to recover and re-use. In this way, the raw materials circle closes and the M-Use® program can be called circular.

As part of the M-Use® program, it has already installed over 100 elevators in residential buildings, hotels and office buildings in the Netherlands.