Fairphone is simply "honest, circular phone". The aim of its creators is to change the way of electronic devices production in the world and to change the trend of consumers to frequent telephone change. On average, one phone is used for no more than 18 months, which has a huge impact on the environment.

Four rules for natural resources, the design process, working conditions for production and recycling are adhered to in the production of Fairphon.

The extraction of natural resources used to build telephones is associated not only with the reduction of their global resources, but also with the pollution of the dregs, dangerous working conditions in mines or even the employment of children in them. Fairphone keeps track of the origin and flow of materials that it uses to produce its phones, which has the potential to influence the improvement of the described situation.
Fairphone is designed so that you can use it for many years and replace the broken modules yourself. Ready sets can be purchased on the company's website.
Improving working conditions in factories producing telephones is one of Fairphon's goals. Therefore, the company cooperates closely with various production partners, labor rights experts, non-governmental organizations and scientists to develop innovative programs that increase employee satisfaction.
Fairphone is made of 40 different types of natural raw materials. The company tries to recover as much as possible by recycling them. Then they can be put back into circulation.
The history of the Fairphone telephon began in 2010 with an information campaign on conflict materials. During its lifetime, the idea of ​​a practical impact on the improvement of the situation in mines, Chinese factories producing telephones and the reduction of negative impact on the site appeared. So the Fairphone was invented, which, thanks to the manufacturer's compliance with certain rules, became a symbol of the movement for honest electronics.