MUD Jeans in leasing


In recent years "Fast Fashion", meaning the quick design, manufacturing and sales of clothing with a short life-cycle with low prices, has become a serious problem in the world. People buy a lot of clothes, wear them briefly and usually throw them in the trash. In the EU, only 25% of them are recycled, the rest is incinerated or stored in landfills.

However, there are companies in the world that go in the opposite direction called "Slow Fashion". According to the idea consumers should choose products based on their impact on the environment and the possibility of long-term.

An excellent example is the Dutch company called “MUD Jeans”, which by introducing a pioneering business model ‘’ LeaseA Jeans’’ has proven that used textiles can be easily recycled and re-processed with financial benefits for all.

(owner Bert van Son)

The “LeaseA Jeans” model assumes that the customer can buy jeans or take them in one year's leasing and pay monthly fee of 7.5 euros. After a year the customer will have three options to choose from:
1) He can continue leasing and wear pants as long as he wants
2) Continue leasing and exchange the jeans for a new pair
3) Cancel the leasing and return it to the “MUD Jeans”.If the recovered jeans are in good condition, they are lent again after cleaning, which saves water, energy and reduces waste production. If the material is too damaged, it is returned to the jeans manufacturer, who recycles it. 40% “MUD Jeans” are made of recycled materials, the rest is organic cotton.

By using the lease model “MUD Jeans” implements several important goals. First of all, recycling help to secure a regular supply of materials, so fluctuations in the price of cotton does not have greater impact on company. Second, being the owner of the jeans made, he is sure that the used pairs will not become waste and will come back to company. Third, “MUD Jeans” business model fits into the circular economy, by taking care of natural resources and extending the life-cycle to products. 

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