Ioniqa. Circular PET bottle


The chemical company Ioniqa from Eindhoven has created a material that can replace oil in the production of PET polyester.  It is the type of plastic used to produce packaging bottles of water and beverages and clothing.

Every year, 61 million tons of PET polyester are produced in the world, of which only 10% is recycled, the rest are thrown away as rubbish. These plastic bottles end up often in nature, floating in the oceans, lie in forests, parks or streets for decades.

Ioniqa recycle the used plastic bottles back into raw material and can be used in the upcycling process to create a material that is identical to the one produced from oil with the same properties i.e. the same quality, safe for food and competitive prices. This means that in the near future we will not need crude oil for the production of plastic bottles. Plastic bottles itself will become our raw material that can be processed endlessly.

Ioniqa is currently building its first upcycling factory at the “Brightlands Chemelot Campus” in the city of Geleen in the south of the Netherlands. Its launch is scheduled for the second half of 2019. The plastic waste collected, will come from partners in the Netherlands, Germany, France and Belgium.