Vegetarian Butcher or burgers without meat


Farmer Jaap Korteweg stopped eating meat a few years ago as his farm was hit by the swine flu epidemic. Forcing him to bring his animals to the slaughterhouse. Jaap understood that producing meat is harmful to animals, the environment, climate and biodiversity and that it was time to start looking for an alternative to meat. Further due to the rapid growth of the planets population the coming decades, we would not be able to feed the entire human population. According to estimates, in 2050, it is expected that the population of the planet will be over 9 billion people.

Therefore together with scientists, butchers and chefs, after three years of research, he created from organic soy and vegetables “meat” that cannot be distinguished from the real one.

As vegetarian Butcher Jaap gets rewarded for its products all over the world. He won, among others, third prize in the "Gold Meatball" competition organized by the Dutch newspaper “De Telegraaf “.