Closing the Loop (CTL). One to one


Seven billion smartphones have been produced in the last 7 years. Many second-hand telephones find their way to developing countries, mainly in Asia and Africa, where these devices after "end of life" are not recycled, but will end up in landfills.

The “Closing the Loop” company solves this problem by offsetting materials that are similar to CO2 offsets. The "One to One" program works according to a simple rule: When a company buys a new telephone for its employee and pays an additional recycling fee, then a broken phone from the developing countries are transported back to Europe and recycled. In this way, the circle closes, that is, we recover valuable materials from telephones and we do not produce e-waste.

Closing the Loop has signed a cooperation agreement with T-Mobile this year. Now customers buying a phone with this operator can choose the option with a recycling offer.CTL collected and recycled approximately 2 million phones and on top has provided work to 4,000 people in developing countries.