Case studies Netherlands

Re-use of the "peel waste"

In the Netherlands, 250 million kilos of citrus peels (mainly from oranges) are thrown away every year as a result of the production of fresh juices. PeelPioneers developed a method to recover and re-use the “peel waste” for other purposes.

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Mitsubish Elevator Europe: leasing of elevators

Elevators in most storey buildings are currently a standard and at the same time an expensive one-time investment. Mitsubishi Electric Europe has proposed a solution that eliminates the problem of high initial costs and fits in with the principles of a circular economy.

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Fairphone is simply "honest, circular phone". The aim of its creators is to change the way of electronic devices production in the world and to change the trend of consumers to frequent telephone change. On average, one phone is used for no more than 18 months, which has a huge impact on the environment.

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MUD Jeans in leasing

In recent years "Fast Fashion", meaning the quick design, manufacturing and sales of clothing with a short life-cycle with low prices, has become a serious problem in the world. People buy a lot of clothes, wear them briefly and usually throw them in the trash. In the EU, only 25% of them are recycled, the rest is incinerated or stored in landfills.

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Ioniqa. Circular PET bottle

The chemical company Ioniqa from Eindhoven has created a material that can replace oil in the production of PET polyester.  It is the type of plastic used to produce packaging bottles of water and beverages and clothing.

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Vegetarian Butcher or burgers without meat

Farmer Jaap Korteweg stopped eating meat a few years ago as his farm was hit by the swine flu epidemic. Forcing him to bring his animals to the slaughterhouse. Jaap understood that producing meat is harmful to animals, the environment, climate and biodiversity and that it was time to start looking for an alternative to meat. Further due to the rapid growth of the planets population the coming decades, we would not be able to feed the entire human population. According to estimates, in 2050, it is expected that the population of the planet will be over 9 billion people.

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