Czech Republic - ECONIT - municipality without waste


Czech JRK Waste management found the way to reduce high quantities of mixed municipal waste, by introducing intelligent system of records (ECONIT).

The program assumes that residents of municipalities scan their garbage with QR codes. Information on the quantity and types of waste produced is then passed on to the authorities, which may on this basis take specific actions leading to more efficient waste management.

"Econit" in 2017 was set up in the Prostřední Bečva municipality. After years of the system's operation, it turned out that the inhabitants began to segregate the waste more efficient. 12% more plastic was collected, 73% more glass, 90% more paper and 1860% more carton packaged packaging. The municipality has calculated that the new system has saved almost 13,000 euros and reduced mixed waste by 31%.

The Econit has been a success, because next to the innovations, municipality introduced new motivation system for residents. The money saved by the municipality was given to them in the form of a voucher. The monthly fees for garbage collection were also reduced.