Denmark - OMNIA Suite grid platform


In Jutland nine independent energy, heating and water companies have created a common OMNIA data platform that allows technicians to read and manage all meters simultaneously. The obtained data is selected, visualized and analyzed, which allows detecting and removing water, energy and heat leaks. The intelligent system allows to optimize operations and maintain infrastructure.

The OMNIA platform manages a total of 153 thousand smart water, energy and heat meters. Konsuments, who are constantly monitoring the level of consumption of these media, can save 24.5 euros annually on heating and 15 euros on energy.

Wireless meter management is part of the Danish government's green strategy. It assumes, among other things, that by 2020 50% of energy will come from wind power plants.

The MV Group includes: Thy-Mors Energi, Struer Forsyning, MES Brande, Grindsted El, Vand og Varme Forsyning, Ringkøbing Fjernvarme, Ringkøbing-Skjern Forsyning, Ikast Værkerne, and RAH Service. Kamstrup manages the platform.