Case studies - Poland

An ecological brewery from the Bieszczady mountains

A fully ecological brewery from the Bieszczady Mountains, 100% solar powered.

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Shoes from vegan materials

Bohema Clothing makes shoes from the highest quality vegan materials, including pineapple leaves.

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Apple skin

Bio2Materials leather is 100% biodegradable and free from harmful substances, it is a great alternative to animal and synthetic skin.

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E-cargo bicycles for entrepreneurs

In large, crowded cities, where problems with parking and polluted air are common, bicycles are a great alternative to cars. The city of Gdynia bought 10 electric delivery bikes for entrepreneurs running business in Downtown. Entrepreneurs can borrow the bikes for free from the city for a period of 28 days, with the possibility to extend.

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Organic Atlantic salmon from the farm

Jurassic Salmon is the first Circular Atlantic salmon farm in Poland that minimizes the negative effects on the environment through a closed breeding system.

The salmon farm uses geothermal water from 150 million years ago, which contains micro and macro elements, is not contaminated with heavy metals, dioxins or tusks from industry or agriculture.

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The Olivia Prime office building is the best in our part of Europe

Olivia Prime belongs to the Olivia Business Center business park. The building was designed with the idea of "biophilic design", which means that the office should be friendly to the employees working there, by giving them optimal working and resting conditions.


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