E-cargo bicycles for entrepreneurs


In large, crowded cities, where problems with parking and polluted air are common, bicycles are a great alternative to cars. The city of Gdynia bought 10 electric delivery bikes for entrepreneurs running business in Downtown. Entrepreneurs can borrow the bikes for free from the city for a period of 28 days, with the possibility to extend.
Electric bikes are designed to help entrepreneurs to transport different types of products quickly, over short distances with minimal impact to the environment. They have a choice of different types of (cargo) bikes, catering to the different needs of the entrepreneurs. Each is equipped with an electric battery, which can be charged by connecting to the socket. The electric bikes can carry loads up to 100 kg of cargo. Cargo bikes are a modern, efficient, economical and environmentally friendly type of transport. According to the European Cyclists' Federation, they can successfully replace vans in cities throughout the European Union.