Organic Atlantic salmon from the farm


Jurassic Salmon is the first Circular Atlantic salmon farm in Poland that minimizes the negative effects on the environment through a closed breeding system.The salmon farm uses geothermal water from 150 million years ago, which contains micro and macro elements, is not contaminated with heavy metals, dioxins or tusks from industry or agriculture.

The salmon production cycle lasts 85 weeks. The first stage involves the import of eggs from Norway or Iceland and the incubation process. Four times a year, 80,000 to 120,000 spawned eggs are imported. In the second stage, the eggs are transferred to another basin, where they learn to swim and collect food. The next third stage, the physicochemical and physiological changes occur, allowing salmon to adapt to living in salt water. In the last and fourth stage, the fish are fattened until they reach a weight of 5 kg. This stage is completed by the transfer of salmon to the fattening hall.

The Salmon fishing farm from Janów in the Pomeranian Voivodeship achieves circularity by eliminating the negative effects on the environment. Geothermal water does not contain nitrogen and phosphorus compounds, and densified manure is transferred to a biogas plant. The fish feed contains a marine animal protein, with no GMO additives. Because sedentary diseases or sea lice are not present in the closed environment, the salmon is not given any antibiotics.

The Salmon fishing farm “Jurassic Salmon” produces 1000 tons of salmon annually.