Seminar: Addressing international impacts of the Dutch circular economy transition


International impacts are not yet an integral part of current circular economy policies in the Netherlands. The policy brief concludes that creating a circular economy with positive impact abroad requires safeguards for low- and middle-income countries and enhanced coherence between national circular economy policies and international policies on trade and development cooperation. This can help to strengthen the Dutch circular economy transition as well as contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, in the Netherlands and abroad.

In this seminar, we will present the key messages of the policy brief. Four experts on the topic of circular economy, global trade and just transitions will reflect on these messages and discuss the importance of taking a global perspective for the Dutch circular economy transition. The seminar will be concluded with a reflection on the key messages of the policy brief by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management.

The main points that will be addressed are:

  • What is the role of global trade in the Dutch circular economy transition?
  • How can low- and middle-income countries play a role in the Dutch circular economy transition? What are the challenges and opportunities?
  • How can the Netherlands work towards a more inclusive circular economy transition, with positive impact in low- and middle-income countries?

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