Rzeszów Regional Development Agency S.A

Rzeszów Regional Development Agency S.A. for over 25 years has been providing advisory services, including modern business models, support for innovative public procurement and the development of the circular economy. In the latter area, the Agency supports the use of public procurement in the Baltic Sea region in order to intensify the marketing of innovative circular products and services. In this respect, the Agency supports the building of the potential of interested entities operating in the entire value chain (commissioners, suppliers and decision makers) and the introduction of circular economy principles in calls for tenders in the dialogue with enterprises.
These activities are carried out as part of the project entitled "Using innovation procurement and capacity building to promote circular economy" (CircularPP) implemented under the INTERREG BALTIC SEA REGION program "Potential for Innovation" and co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund under this program. Public procurement is also the subject of the project entitled "Capacity building to boost usage of PPI in Central Europe" (PPI2Innovate), under which the Agency disseminates and develops knowledge in the field of public procurement for innovative solutions (PPI), which takes place thanks to the creation of a Competence Center in the field of innovative public procurement and participation in international thematic network on this issue