How to re-use the collected plastics


Plastic Whale is a company that fishes for plastics on the canals of Amsterdam and on the River Rotte in Rotterdam. The aim of its founders is to clean canals and re-use the collected plastics. PET bottles, bags and other plastic items harvested are turned into raw materials, preventing the plastic to end up as landfill or being burned. The raw materials have been turned into boats, which Plastic Whale workers then float on the canals and rivers to fish for more plastics.

Next to the fishing, Plastic Whale also runs educational activities. The company organizes classes for schools and takes people on fishing trips on one of their boats. Since 2011, over 21 thousand people have participated in the recovery of plastics. 195.000 bottles have been fished out and 3500 bags have been filled with plastic garbage. So far 11 boats were made from the collected plastic and a line of high-quality Plastic Whale Circular Furnitures has been created. The debut collection consisted of table, chairs and lamps.