MakeGrowLab is a Polish company whose goal is to limit the use of petroleum products, such as plastic packaging, as well as non-animal skins and other textiles, by replacing them with renewable, 100% plastic-free and compostable biomaterials.

MakeGrowLab is able to produce two MVP products:

SCOBY packaging 100% plastic-free, home compostable packaging material with new and unique characteristics to any market. Two options are available and are as follows:1) Standardized sheets of material for those companies who wish to make their own designs. 2) A design service that delivers tailored packaging for the needs of B2B clients.


Trans-Leather A unique leather alternative is 100% plastic-free and vegan-friendly. Excellent for the fashion, interior, and H&B industry. Significantly more efficient than animal-based leather grows in a couple of weeks and requires fewer certifications. A valuable high margin product that will deliver revenue during the R&D stage of packaging.

Future Products: Food packaging and licensing to penetrate the market.

The activities of MakeGrowLab perfectly match the observed market and legislative trends:

· Minimization of waste and reduction of plastic consumption,

· Energy savings in the production process,

· The increase in pro-ecological consumer attitudes, resulting in an increasingly intensive search for environmentally friendly products

· Limitation of excessive exploitation of forest areas and use of agricultural crops (the raw material is waste from cultivation/production)