Case studies - Poland

Cosmetomat - a future without plastic

Cosmetomat is Poland's first network of vending machines for cleaning without plastic - disposable plastic packaging.

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ZIKOM is a leading Polish company that professionally regenerates IT equipment.

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An ecological brewery from the Bieszczady mountains

A fully ecological brewery from the Bieszczady Mountains, 100% solar powered.

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Shoes from vegan materials

Bohema Clothing makes shoes from the highest quality vegan materials, including pineapple leaves.

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Apple skin

Bio2Materials leather is 100% biodegradable and free from harmful substances, it is a great alternative to animal and synthetic skin.

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E-cargo bicycles for entrepreneurs

In large, crowded cities, where problems with parking and polluted air are common, bicycles are a great alternative to cars. The city of Gdynia bought 10 electric delivery bikes for entrepreneurs running business in Downtown. Entrepreneurs can borrow the bikes for free from the city for a period of 28 days, with the possibility to extend.

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