INNOWO and Polish Circular Hotspot join Nordic Circular Hotspot as international partner


We are happy and proud to announce that INNOWO with Polish Circular Hotspot join Nordic Circular Hotspot as International Partner. The NCH is an organization that promotes collaboration between the Nordics towards circularity, and INNOWO as a partner hope to share knowledge, contribute with our broad experience and network, promote circular solutions and support in their implementation.

The core mission of cooperation between our HOTSPOT’s  is to stimulate cross-segment, cross-sector and cross-silo collaboration and dialogue, increase market dynamics, transactions and investments in circular and sustainable solutions by displaying and facilitating business and partnership opportunities in Europe;  build a common market culture and economic language for circular and sustainable value de-velopment. This is being achieved by raising awareness, leading the public debate and lobbying at various public institutions in order to remove any barriers to a circular transition in the Nordics, Poland and Europe.

Partnership between stakeholders, is one of the core drivers towards a circular economy that’s why collaboration on pan-European scale between leading organization is crucial to succeed in circular transformation.

CIRCULAR WEEK 2021 is the first undertaken joint action. In October 2021 (11th-17th of October) the fourth edition of the international campaign - Circular Week will take place. During this initiative a number of initiatives dedicated to circular economic transformation, sustainable production and consumption will be organized all over Europe. INNOWO, Polish Circular Hotspot together with Nordic Circular Hotspot and in cooperation of Holland Circular Hotspot, Circular Change (Slovenia), Institut national de l'économie circulaire (Inec) (France), University of Turin join forces to make this initiative the most impactful.  More information

The Nordic Circular Hotspot is leading resource on the circular economy in the Nordics. Its mission is to accelerate the transition to an inclusive, resource-efficient, regenerative and circular market in the Nordic region, and contribute in a meaningful way to:

  • Reinvent how the Nordics design, produce and market products;
  • Rethink how the Nordics use and consume goods and services;
  • Redefine growth in the Nordics and what is possible through reuse, reduction, repairing, regeneration and, most importantly, systems change.

The Polish Circular Hotspot is a private public cooperation platform for circular economy transition. It’s aim is to  introduce circular innovative, comprehensive, practical and scalable solutions in all sectors of the economy. Achieving far-reaching circular goals through the implementation of complex, systemic projects is made possible through cooperation and the exchange of resources, knowledge and experience.