EcoTech System

EcoTech System is an innovator that by using new technologies supports waste management anywhere in the world. We believe in the idea of sustainable development, we prevent waste of resources and the emergence of pollution. We create innovative and unconventional solutions for the dynamic development of civilization, but without loss for the natural environment. 

We implemented - The Motivational Waste Management System which is an unconventional solution in the scope of implementing Circular Economy and reducing the amount of municipal waste on landfills. Our innovation can be summarized in one sentence: We exchange rubbish for prizes and discounts. The Incentive Waste Management System is a modern method of municipal waste segregation "at source", the aim of which is to change the behavior and habits of residents and universal education using motivational factors thanks to a guaranteed garbage exchange system for prizes and discounts.
The Central element of the Incentive Waste Management System is the EcoTech System Platform - an IT system that manages, monitors and accounts for the entire information and secondary material flow process in real time. Secondary raw materials are collected using devices for automatic segregation of so-called Recyclers that are connected to the EcoTech System Platform. Everyone can use the innovative system via a mobile application or by a user card with a barcode. The recycler identifies the user by scanning the barcode and then assigns ECO points for the packaging waste being discarded. Users can exchange collected ECO points for rewards and discounts  e.g. when shopping. Innovation is intended for every institution sensitive to ecology and the natural environment, interested in a pro-social, modern method of waste segregation at source.

For the implementation of this System in WieluĊ„, EcoTech System received the EKO FIRMA 2018 award.