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The mission of Polish Circular Hotspot is to pave the way for circular transformations in Poland through the exchange of knowledge and experience and to support the process of creating new circular, innovative business models that strengthen the position of companies on the market.

Polish Circular Hotspot was created by the Institute of Innovation and Responsible Development INNOVO, which is a member of Circular Action Hub - a network of non-governmental organizations working for the development of Circular Economy. This initiative also includes Circle Economy from the Netherlands, Institut Cirkularni Ekonomiky from the Czech Republic, Circular Glasgow, Circular Change from Slovenia and Circlar Norway. As part of the Circular Action Hub, we exchange knowledge, research methodology, tools and organize together projects on an international scale. For the coming year, we plan to publish the Circularity Gap report, Circle Festival in 4 cities simultaneously - Amsterdam / Glasgow / Oslo / Warsaw. Our priority is to develop the Circle City program and make the first scan of the Polish city.

We invite local governments, administrations, scientists and businesses to join our circular club.

Benefits for which it is worth to join us:

Contact network

1. We create international, inter-regional and inter-ministerial networks.

2. We help in establishing cooperation between Polish and foreign partners.


 Wymiana doświadczeń

3. We inspire our partners to undertake and implement new circular solutions and share their experience.

4. Together with our partners, we create a database of innovative solutions and a code of good practice for local governments and businesses.            


5. The title of the “Circular Economy Leader”, or become part of the exclusive group of circular economy leaders in Poland.

6. We enable participation in the creation and implementation of innovative solutions in the field of circular economy.

Brand recognition

7. Membership in PCH strengthens recognition and prestige of the brand with customers, partners and stakeholders.

Financial benefits

8. We inform and help you about possible sources of financing for projects that are compatible with the concept of a circular economy.

9. We initiate and jointly create consortia small and big, in order to develop projects financed from EU funds.

Knowledge bank development

10. We co-create educational platforms and working groups.

11. We co-create educational platforms and working groups.

12. We create the opportunity to influence legislative solutions.


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