Mickey Howard

Mickey Howard FHEA, PhD, MBA, BA(Hons) is Professor of Supply Chain Management at the University of Exeter Business School, Devon UK.

Born and raised in the highlands of Scotland, he appreciates the challenge of engaging in socio-economic activity while seeking to preserve the surrounding natural environment. Informed by 10 years industrial experience in product design, his academic career began in 1999 at the University of Bath, and has since worked with organizations such as BAE Systems, British Energy, Eden Project, Ellen MacArthur Foundation, Fiat, Ford, Ministry of Defence, Rolls Royce, Thales, QinetiQ, Volvo and numerous small-medium enterprises.

Mickey has published over 150 research papers exploring the procurement of complex performance, buyer-supplier relationships, collaborative technologies, low carbon procurement, sustainable supply chain management and the circular economy. He is a member of the Exeter Centre for Circular Economy and a regular speaker at government events and international institutions such as the Academy of Management. He is co-author of the award winning ‘Purchasing & Supply Chain Management: A Sustainability Perspective’ (2014, 2018) Routledge UK, and edited book ‘Procuring Complex Performance’ (2011) Routledge New York, which was recently translated into Chinese.

He welcomes contact from any organization engaged in sustainable business model implementation at m.b.howard@exeter.ac.uk.