Pharmafilter believes in the circular economy. Therefore, corporate activities of the organization contribute to a sustainable society by solving real social problems. The Pharmafilter system was created to recycle as many materials and products as possible to minimize the loss of valuable resources.
Cleanliness and hospital safety are essential for patients, staff and visitors. Innovative Pharmafilter solutions and care for environmental aspects make care easier, safer and more enjoyable.
All consumables designed by Pharmafilter are produced in a sustainable manner and are biodegradable. For example, bioplasts are produced from organic waste and can be converted to biogas after anaerobic digestion after use.

How it's working?
The Pharmafilter system consists of a "Tonto" cleaning plant and grinder. The materials milled by "Tonto" are connected to the wastewater and then transported to the Pharmafilter installation using the hospital's internal sewage system.

The installation processes materials from "Tonto" and all wastewater at the hospital. Organic and bioplastic materials are converted into energy. The installation removes all harmful substances, such as pathogens and micronutrients, contained in any inorganic materials, such as conventional plastics and fibers. These materials are then cleaned and dried for recycling.
After processing in the installation, the waste water is clean and can be reused by the hospital as process water - for example, flushing toilets or technical systems.

The Pharmafilter system consists of turnkey modules, which means it can be installed on site within two months. This minimizes any inconvenience.