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The Great Bubble Barrier

The Great Bubble Barrier believes that plastic waste can be caught before it reaches the oceans. Current solutions that stop waste in the rivers have two major drawbacks; they block ship traffic and/or hinder fish migration. They created an elegant solution that blocks waste in the river but also allows the passage of fish and ships: a barrier of bubbles.

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BioPack produces packaging, which is an alternative to plastic packaging.

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Pharmafilter is an innovative customer-oriented organization that offers significant benefits to patients, staff and hospitals. The Pharmafilter system improves hospital hygiene, safety and patient care performance and contributes to a more pleasant working environment for staff.

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Wolkat is an international group of seven innovative textile recycling companies.

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ECOR is a completely environmental friendly composite material

ECOR is made of 100% recycled cellulose fibres coming from local municipal and household waste and is completely free of toxins.

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How to re-use the collected plastics

Plastic Whale is a company that fishes for plastics on the canals of Amsterdam and on the River Rotte in Rotterdam. The aim of its founders is to clean canals and re-use the collected plastics.

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